Hi, I'm Corinne. So glad you made it to my portfolio site!

I'm a Front-End Developer who enjoys writing organized code, laughing at cat pictures, and making a usable internet.

If there's only one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm a fast learner. I code every day to make that happen.

I also like problem solving, keeping an inordinate amount of colorful sticky notes around the peripheral of my computer screen, and always thinking about the end users who will interact with my code.

What I Know

  • Programming Languages JavaScript, CSS, Sass, HTML5, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, XML, JSON, bash
  • Frameworks/Libraries React, Gulp, jQuery, ES6, Google Maps, GreenSock, Laravel 5, Rails
  • Stacks LAMP
  • Software Adobe Creative Suite, iTerm, VSCode, PhpStorm, Sublime Text 3
  • Other Git version control, GitHub, MVC model, Jira/Atlassian products, Agile methodology, BEM, npm packages, responsive web design

What I've Done

simuwatt, Inc. - Software company

January 2018 - Present

Software developer

Building apps with React, NodeJS and Mongo

Creating architecture for production and QA environments with AWS

By The Pixel, Digital Agency

August 2017 - December 2017

Front-end Developer

Garnered skills in SPAs, progressive web apps and UI development

Collaborated with peers using GitHub flow and process from code review and QA testing

Improved client homepage loading time by eight seconds through multiple optimization practices

Personal Projects

Mad Giphy

With each refresh of the page, you will be served a random MadLib from an API. Fill out the MadLib (more fun if you play with someone!), click the submit button at the bottom, and it will search the Giphy API for each of the terms you typed in the MadLib and then replace the term with an appropriate Gif. (I kept the rating on the API PG!)


This is a freelance website I built for a landscape photographer. I created a PHP solution to cut images up into thirds, after uploading, to avoid users from stealing the imagery. (Beautiful scenery! Please check this one out, if only for the photography.)

March Madness

My coworker thought he could beat me in the office March Madness bracket. Here's how it turned out.

Zenman, Website Development and Design

January 2015 - August 2017

(Please note that because of all of my example websites are live, clients have taken over and possibly caused parts of the website to break.)

Senior Front-end Web Developer

Led the development team in weekly code reviews, team meetings, and innovative front-end practices

Kept team on process and inline with agile methodologies using JIRA software

Applied teaching skills to mentor junior front-end web developers on code problems and collaborated with designers to troubleshoot and solve visual problems

Front-end Web Developer

Built custom, scalable WordPress sites from the ground up starting with a bare-bones theme

Developed a WordPress plugin to easily integrate social media feeds using the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn APIs

Created front-end performance process to improve measures within WordPress websites

Worked with many CRM systems to integrate client forms and workflows with their websites


Developed and maintained WordPress websites while managing the MySQL databases

Learned best front-end web practices and tricks to writing cross-browser code

Amplified skills in Git version control, GitHub and command line tools

Redeveloped a dated website with Flash into a modern animation website, using HTML5/Javascript

agile42 - The Agile Coaching Company

May 2016

Certified Scrum Master Training

Galvanize Workshop

March 2016 - April 2016

Web Development with Javascript Foundations

Semantic Arts, Enterprise Information Integration

February 2015 - July 2015


Assisted with light Python programming in the Flask microframework to edit the Semantic Arts website and side project websites

Increased knowledge of SEO integration with code and Google Analytics practices

The Boston Globe, Media Company

January 2014 - July 2014

Editorial Design co-op

Gained digital interactive design and development fundamentals from professional developers in the field

Designed sports graphics weekly from a set of data and photos to create data visualizations, while collaborating with veteran sports editors and established writers in the media industry

Colorado State University

Graduation Date December 2014

Journalism major

Information Science & Technology minor

What I'm Reading (Pulled from the Pocket API. Some titles may be wonky!)

Work-Life Balance: Time Management Skills That Work

Excerpt: "In an age of 24/7 connectivity, achieving work-life balance is more challenging than ever. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Millennials, the most digitally connected and largest segment of today’s labor force, place such a high premium on their personal time."

We Don’t Just Develop Software, We’re Developing Careers, Too

Excerpt: "It hopefully doesn’t come as a huge shock that we, the technology department at The New York Times, want our people to develop. We’re not just talking about software; We want our colleagues to develop their careers in meaningful ways."

Killing the Coding Interview

Excerpt: "Note: This blog post is based on a talk given at RailsConf 2018. Video here. Slides here. I’m available to give an updated version of this talk at your conference, company, or child’s birthday party. Contact me for details."

Making Data Viz Without SVG Using D3 & Flexbox

Excerpt: "Bye bye tricky alignments. A few months ago, my co-worker Matt and I were collaborating on a project. I had been building a stacked bar chart in D3.js, and was seriously struggling to get the bars to stack on top of each other nicely and to animate from the bottom of the graphic instead of the top."

Get Started with Rust, WebAssembly, and Webpack

Excerpt: "I’ve been seeing a lot of really cool #wasm (WebAssembly) stuff on Twitter and Hacker News lately, but I didn’t know much about what it is exactly, or how to start using it. Because it is so new — only being enabled in Chrome last March — up-to-date guides are few and far between."

What I'm Learning

CSS grid layout, progressive web enhancements, WordPress REST API